Course Overview

The Foundations Diploma Program is a unique eight-month, learning-centered program designed to develop a deeper understanding of the rulings pertaining to women in the Qur’an. It is specifically tailor-made for working women and students who are unable to commit to a full-time study of the classical Islamic disciplines. The program consists of five specialized modules, supplemented with workshops promoting tarbiyah and tazkiyah of the students.

The program also serves as a foundation for exemption to the first year of the Alimah program.


Course Outline

Subject Course Description / Main Text
Tafseer This module will cover the translation and commentary of the selected surah of Qur’an.
  • Surah Al-Nissa
  • Selected Surahs of Juzz 30
Hadith &MasnoonDua Through this module, students will learn to appreciate the wisdom in Prophetic teachings and Sunnah.
  • Jawame ul Kalm
  • First 250 Ahadiths of Zadul Talbeen
Life of Prophets The module will enable students learn about the stories of the Prophets mentioned throughout the Qur’an and provide an insight into the key incidents and derive lessons from the lives of those chosen by Allah.
  • Hazrat Ibrahim’s (a.s)
  • Hazrat Musa a.s
  • Hazrat Yusuf a.s.
  • HazratSulemana.s
  • HazratNuha.s.
Tajweed of Quran This module will enable students to properly read the Qur’an and cover the basic rules of recitation.
  • Introduction to Tajweed
  • Articulation Point of Letters (Makharij)
  • Noon Sakina&Tanween Rules
  • MeemSakina Rules
  • Ghunnah
  • Hamza Rules
  • Lam Sakina Rules
  • Al-Mudood
  • How letters are formed?
  • Qalqala mechanism
Basic HanafiFiqh This module will impart students with basic knowledge regarding legal rulings of ritual purification, menstruation, salah and fasting through classical Hanafi manuals.
  • Purification
  • Salah
  • Fast


Course Schedule


Program Duration: 8 Months

Weekly Time Commitment: 2 days a week (Sunday and Wednesday)



Urdu: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)per class


Exams:  There will be course assignments, quizzes and final exams for each subject.

Certification: We will present a Diploma Certificate on successful completion of this Foundation Program.

Break: Your course teacher will inform you about the breaks

Cost: $10


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is there an age restriction for the course?

Yes. Minimum age to enroll in the course is 12 years.


Are there any pre-requisite to joining the course?

No, there are no pre cursors / pre requisites to the course.


What are the requirements for graduation?

Requirements for graduation include the following.

  • Attending all the modules of course
  • Regularity in classes of each module (either live or recording)
  • Success in the final exam of each module

Is it possible to enroll as a listener and not give exams?

Please speak to the teacher


What if I cannot make it to class at the stipulated class time? Will I have access to recordings?

Recordings are available for all classes.


What if I have to miss classes during the year because of my University exams or family engagements?

This course has been designed to cater to working men, women, students and housewives alike, so we do understand that there may be occasions when you may not be able to attend class for genuine reasons. In such scenarios, we provide recordings so that students may catch up with the classes they have missed.


Is there an Attendance Policy?

Yes, there is an attendance policy to be eligible to get the foundation course certification.


Is there a Fee that I need to pay to enroll in this Program?

yes. $10

How do you conduct the classes?

We provide live classes with recordings availability, online assignments/ quiz, mark attendance and facilitate

discussion forums to facilitate learning and development.


What software or hardware do I need to purchase / download to attend the classes?

All you need to start online learning courses is to have internet connection, a desktop/laptop, or a smartphone, a headphone supported with microphone.